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Archive for July, 2016

Moving Office? Feng Shui Your New Space

Posted July 25th, 2016 by Rachael Fischer

When moving into a new office space it’s the perfect time to reorganize and decorate. These are some tips to help your transition and plan an office that will generate positive energy and inspiration.

Trash the clutter.

Go through all of the loose paper and random sticky notes and trash anything that isn’t relevant! The tricky part about this is keeping it de-cluttered; try to get into a habit of leaving your desk clean at the end of the day and don’t over crowd items . If it’s still feeling cramped, possibly invest in a mirror to open up the space.

Get some plants.

Encourage your coworkers to give the office some green and fresh air by adding plants to the office. This will spruce up your desk space and improve what you are feeding your brain while at work.

Give your desk a “commanding position.”



Orient yourself so that you can see out the window and people in front of you; this creates a safe space. People working behind you can often be distracting and you may get the feeling that someone is always looking over your shoulder.

Harmonize the layout of your desk.

The left side of your desk has to do with wisdom, relationships and wealth. You should decorate this area with cooler colors, family photos and plants. The center of your desk should be clutter free and clear, this area aligns with your career, health and reputation. You can fill this space with motivational quotes, business cards and colors like yellow, black and red. The right side of your desk promotes creativity, love and compassion. Bring in the colors gold, white and silver, a mantra or flowers for inspiration in these aspects of your life.

Bagua-horz-pageOnce you have established a work environment that allows you to be productive, reach goals and enjoy every minute of it, you can then begin expanding Feng Shui techniques into other areas of your life.

Before you can Feng Shui your office space, you need to move there! Request a free office moving estimate online or by calling us at 800.222.4744

Smooth Moving & Event Logistics for B2VT Ride

Posted July 11th, 2016 by Rachael Fischer

Putting on a large event takes coordination of many moving parts. Organization and working with the right people can make the difference between a success and a logistics disaster. Olympia Moving and Storage provides moving services and event logistics for events held throughout the Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia areas.

2016 was our seventh year assisting with the B2VT Ride event. The event features a 130 mile bike ride starting from Bedford, MA and ending in Ludlow, VT. The B2VT has been taking place since 2001, originally the event was a ride between the Harpoon Brewery locations in MA and VT, but since then the event has taken on a life of its own.

Along with 7 trucks, Olympia provided a great crew including, Liviu, Adrian, Albert, Andrei, Florin, Irmanta, Kestutis, and Paulius. Each put in hard work and enjoyed being part of such a fun event.

In the morning at the start line the crew collected each of the bikers’ bags and belongings, rather than making the journey harder for the bikers. Our crew also made sure there was a hearty supply of water at each rest stop for the riders along the way.

Once in Ludlow, the Olympia crew cheered on the bikers as they crossed the finish line. From there the crew used pad wrapping to protect the bikes from any damage and loaded them into the trucks to be transported back to Bedford at the end of the event.

Olympia Moving provides full event logistics for this along with other events like the Alzheimer’s Ride and Special Olympics Massachusetts Summer Games. For information how your event could utilize our services contact us today at 800-222-4744 or request an estimate online!

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