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Office Moving Mistakes

Posted January 29th, 2016 by Rachael Fischer

Moving is never easy, but when other people come into the equation your responsibilities to the move change drastically. It’s important to know what you should be doing when planning an office move, but what about the common moving mistakes to avert?moving mistakes

5 office moving mistakes to avoid:

  1. Don’t wait to finalize your moving plans

    When you’re planning a move for your office you have more than just employees to worry about. Whether you’re moving internally or to a new building, you’ll want to have all of the details planned out ahead of time to minimize stress and room for error. Commercial moves require different types of people with specific attention to detail, and the building you’re relocating to might have special requirements from the crew you’ll be working with.

    It’s no surprise that procrastination is moving’s worst enemy, so don’t add to your workload by doing so.

  2. Don’t keep your employees out of the loop

    Employee happiness is directly related to their work environment. If you’re planning a move you should inform your employees as soon as plans are set and give your employees enough time to plan for their new office. When you keep information from your employees you run the risk of disrupting productivity and happiness.

  3. Don’t forget to do your research

    Are you really willing to risk damaging your company’s belongings or new work space after all of that effort you put into planning your relocation? Not all moving companies are the same, so don’t make the common moving mistake in thinking so.

    You’ll want to do more than just compare prices when it comes to choosing your mover. We suggest reading reviews and speaking with a representative of the company in order to make a better informed decision about who to work with. While price is always a factor you’ll want to be sure that the company you choose can handle your type of move and specific needs. Make sure you know about the quality of work and accountability your mover is putting into your relocation. At the end of the day you’ll be paying for quality and experience.

  4. Don’t forget to ask questions

    All moves are different, and that includes yours! Communicate with your movers and vendors and make sure you’re all on the same page. This will help you avoid any moving mistakes and confusion during or after your move, when it’s time to pay for services rendered.

  5. Don’t forget to budget the actual move portion into your plans

    If you’re planning an office move, you might also be involved in some other planning activities. Finding a space, renovating, or upgrading your furniture and equipment are all tasks associated with office moves, but while you’re choosing your favorite chair you’ll want to remember to leave room in your budget for the actual move.

    Many people make this moving mistake and underestimate the time and costs associated with the physical portion of their relocation causing them to be forced to settle for cheaper moving companies who are ill-equipped to deal with their needs. Keeping relocation costs in mind throughout your planning process will save you unexpected costs on what matters most, the integrity of the new items and space you’ve put time and money into.

    Here’s a tip: many vendors work together so if you’re at a loss for who to contact, ask someone you already trust.

Planning an office move or considering a relocation?
Avoid these moving mistakes and call us today at 800.222.4744 to discuss your options or request an estimate

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Open Concept Office Positives and Negatives

Posted December 3rd, 2015 by Rachael Fischer

Right now, 70% of Americans work in open concept office spaces. Whether you work in one yourself or aspire to, chances are you’ve heard about the open concept trend that’s been sweeping across workplaces worldwide. At first glance these open concept offices, equipped with cold brew iced coffee kegs and foosball tables create intrigue and excitement, but are they helpful to a work attitude or harmful to one’s workflow?Etailz open office

Let’s take a look at the specifics:

Positives of open concept offices
  • Access to senior staff & creating opportunities for
  • Ability to fit more employees in one work space
  • Lower work space costs
  • More photogenic offices
  • Allows for cross department collaboration and understanding of different types of roles
  • May form unexpected bonds among colleagues
  • Promotes transparency between role hierarchies
Negatives of open concept offices
  • Invites interruptions
  • Difficult to differentiate when it’s appropriate to approach someone
  • Inconsiderate habits that would normally go unnoticed may be disruptive to others
  • May discourage collaboration because of fear of interrupting
  • No privacy
  • Blurs company hierarchies
  • Gives no option for different personality types to thrive
  • More vulnerability to illness
  • Mixing departments may cause concentration problems (for example, placing sales near accounting)

There are obviously pros and cons to every work environment. Whether or not an open concept office is right for you and your company really depends on the type of work you do.

Unsurprisingly, creative companies were among the first to adapt to open concept offices but this type of work space doesn’t translate the same for all industries. While an open concept office may work well for creative teams, it may not be the best environment for those who work quietly and need concentration, and distractions may affect productivity.

As more offices convert to modern design and industries grow, the future of the work spaces has become an interesting topic. If an open concept office plan isn’t right for your company, there are still options to make your office more inviting to collaboration:

  • Balance between open concept and private offices, depending on role and hierarchy.
  • One way to make employees feel as though collaboration is more accessible without alienating those who may be more introverted is to decrease the height of cubicles or partitions. This way, employees are more visible but not automatically available and still have their own space within the office.
  • Companies are also utilizing “smart glass” which is glass that can turn opaque with the flip of a switch to create a more private environment in fishbowl-type offices that have become increasingly more popular.
  • Companies may also want to consider offering separate collaboration areas to limit disturbance in the office as a whole.

open concept smart glass microsoft open concept








It’s interesting to note that proximity alone does not automatically encourage collaboration. Companies must still work on their culture in order to encourage good working behavior and fluidity between departments. Some question that the forced interactivity of some environments is actually doing more to drive people apart than it is to bring them together. Inviting headphones into the mix may create a barrier between neighbors even though they sit in close range of each other.

It’s no surprise that happiness, or lack thereof, impacts the way people work. In a survey, 50% of employees said sound was an issue in an open concept office, while 30% said they had an issue with the lack of visual privacy open offices permit. On the flip side, of those with private offices, less than 10% cited ease of interaction as a problem in their office environment.

Ready to Change Your Office Layout?

Whether you’re looking to refresh your office or move into a new space, Olympia Moving & Storage can be a great asset.

We offer our clients:

  • Pre-move material & crates delivery
  • Full or partial packing services, including crating Loading, transport, and delivery by highly trained crews
  • Short or long-term storage in our secure warehouse Inventory management and warehousing
  • Document destruction & purging services Disposal and recycling services for unwanted items
  • Rigging services for heavier pieces
  • Modular furniture disassembly and installation
  • Electronics relocations (including connect and disconnect services)
Check out our complete list of services or call 617.926.5555 today, to talk to a commercial relocation specialist and start planning your move or reconfiguration.

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What is a Shared Workspace?

Posted November 10th, 2015 by Rachael Fischer

Bright colors, inviting design, and cold brew coffee in the kitchen, this is what comes to mind when we think of a shared workspace.

It’s no surprise that the concept of shared workspaces is becoming increasingly popular. High rents and a changing economy make running a business expensive. With the rise of the boutique business, people are finding new and creative ways to save on cost. But, is a shared workspace right for your company? What does it entail? Olympia Office Movers spoke with Dave McLaughlin, WeWork‘s East Coast General Manager, to get the real deal on using a shared workspace. shared workspaces

I must admit, based on how nice the offices are, we figured a shared workspace at a place like WeWork would be a bit pricey.

The truth? A shared workspace in the WeWork common area can range from $45 to $350 per person per month, based on your needs. Sounds good, right? It gets better.

All Commons packages include amenities such as high speed internet, discounts and benefits from over 250 partner companies such as AT&T, Hubspot and Uber, access to an online professional network of over 40k members worldwide, guest reception & community managers, and not least of all, kitchens with free coffee. When asked whether they had collaborated with another WeWork member on something, 70% of members said yes.

“I would say my favorite thing is the opportunity to network regularly with people within the community and other event goers. I meet at least 1 new person every event who I can connect with a friend in need of their service or collaborate with myself,” says Nike John, of Vibe Residential, on her company’s shared workspace at WeWork

shared workspaceWeWork builds their spaces around their shared kitchens, creating a place where people can interact and share ideas. Their mission is to build communities, not offices, and with locations worldwide they show no sign of slowing down. Focused on building a larger community, WeWork has created a place where members can connect with potential clients and business partners from around the world to build better businesses. With the use of a digital app to address frictions, WeWork seems to have found a way to make business solutions easier for the community as a whole, mapping what members need and delivering accordingly.

Shared workspace communities often offer events benefiting personal and business development, from exercise boot camp to business advice forums, the events offered are bound to catch your interest. WeWork’s members are even welcomed and encouraged to host events in their spaces.

It’s a common misconception that shared workspaces only work for small startups. WeWork’s Boston location is home to a financial company of 100 employees, which is by no means a small start-up! Rest assured that whether you’re a company of 1 or 100, they can make it work.

Inc.com reported in 2014 that according to a report from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the number of shared workspaces in America had gone from one to 781 since 2005. The shared workspace trend is only growing more popular as that number increased 83 percent from 2012 to 2013, while and memberships at facilities increased by 117 percent in that time.  With over 50 shared workspace options in the Boston and D.C. areas with attractive amenity offerings, month to month leasing, and a visually appealing space outside of the 9-5 cubicle norm, it’s easy to see why companies are drawn towards using a less traditional workspace to build their teams and attract young talent.

If an open office concept isn’t right for your office you can still take advantage of collaborative office shares with private office options. It’s important to keep in mind that the space you’re inviting employees into directly affects their mindset and productivity.

Interested in a shared workspace? Check out WeWork and request an estimate to move into your new workspace!

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Walk to End Alzheimer’s Massachusetts Event Logistics & New Hampshire Event Logistics

Posted October 12th, 2015 by Rachael Fischer

Olympia Moving & Storage is honored to continually work with the Alzheimer’s Association of Massachusetts/New Hampshire on fundraising Massachusetts event logistics and other relocation needs.

This fall Olympia Moving & Storage worked with the Alzheimer’s Association to coordinate 10 Walk to End Alzheimer’s events throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. These walks are part of the world’s largest event to raise awareness of this disease and funds to fight it.

The Olympia Moving crew transported the event equipment to all locations, managed the set up and break down for all the walks, and assisted with event registration.  Organizations enjoy working with our crew on event logistics because Olympia Moving crew aren’t just labor, they’re also friendly faces that interact with the event attendees, including Alzheimer’s patients, and reflect well on the organization.

This year’s walks were a huge success.  Over 15,000 walkers participated and raised over $3 million for Alzheimer’s care and research.  You can click here to donate to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s through October 31st. Olympia Moving & Storage was pleased to be part of these outstanding community events, and hopes to work on the Walk to End Alzheimer’s again next year.

Here are a few great photos of our crews at the walks:

If your organization upcoming Massachusetts event logistics and transport needs, email [email protected] for a pricing estimate.  In addition to our work with the Alzheimer’s Association, we work with some of the biggest charities, universities, and sports organizations in Massachusetts.

Office Moving & Employee Relocation

Posted September 30th, 2015 by Rachael Fischer

Office moving can be a daunting task. Finding a new space, choosing vendors who can facilitate your needs and choosing an office layout are just a few of the things to think about during office moving.

But what about relocating your employees? Anticipating employee needs in order to keep them comfortable and productive is an important part of the process in office moving.

Not only can Olympia Moving & Storage help you plan the details of office moving, from the pack to the installation of new office furniture, we’re here to be a resource for the things that may get overlooked during your company’s move. We came up with a list of to-do’s, essential for a positive and fresh start in your new office!

office moving

Things to consider during office moving include:

1. Keep your employees informed

Once you have made the decision to move into a new space, let your employees know about the specifics.

Timelines of the pack and deliver will be of utmost importance to your employees and the work that they are doing. Minimizing hiccups with proper planning and communication between you and your moving company is key.  Ask your moving company if they will come to your office to present a short pre-move seminar to fill your employees in on necessary move preparations.

2. Share your plans

Keep in mind that we spend half of our lives at work so it’s important to create an environment your employees will feel good about working in.

Whether you’re taking your employees suggestions into consideration or making the decisions without them, it’s a good idea to share your new office’s floor plan so people can easily locate their new work space. Send out instructions, including information about changes in your employees’ transportation and parking options at your new office, so that there is no confusion when they arrive on their first day.

Office moving also includes relocating your employees personal work spaces,  and you’ll want to decide whether or not your employees will be packing themselves. This may be a good way to give people a sense of ownership over their own space or take a little stress off by letting the movers do it for them.  Olympia Moving & Storage can offer your company full or partial packing services based on your needs.

3. Give them a guide!

A change in routine is never easy so give your employees a head start with a handy list of nearby places in your new area where they can grab coffee or lunch. Be sure to include some after work spots so they can explore and grab dinner or drinks together, too!

4. Start fresh

You’re in a new office, so you may as well revamp and start fresh with new resource materials. Take the time to go through your employee contact list and give your employees up to date directory information. Lord knows Linda hasn’t been at 152 for quite some time!

Moving is also the perfect opportunity to get rid of old files and declutter the supply closet. Olympia Moving & Storage also offers document destruction & purging services, so those out of date files can be disposed of without worry.

5. Welcome them

Everybody loves a bagel; treat your employees to a breakfast and a short tour on the first day in your new office.

Many of your employees will be trying to downsize their desks when packing or prepping for a pack and will need some necessities for the new office. Keep them stocked by providing office essentials like post-its and notepads or even a gift card to your nearby office supply store on the first day so they’ll be ready to dive into their new work space right away.  For some office fun, have co-workers vote on who best-decorated their new space.

Need more information about employee relocation and office moving? We have you covered. Download our PDF for everything you need to know, from prep to unpack.

Whether you’re moving an office of 40 or 400, we’re here to help during every step of office moving. Check out the services we can offer to help you plan your office move and request your free estimate today.

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Olympia Movers Work With Special Olympics

Posted June 12th, 2015 by Olympia Moving

special olympia relocation coordinator 2 One of our favorite jobs is donating our services for Special Olympics Massachusetts in Marlborough, MA.  Our moving company provides all the transport of the equipment between the Special Olympics office in Marlborough to competitions and fundraisers all over Massachusetts.

We love being the official logistics sponsor of Special Olympics Massachusetts! This is our 3rd year welcoming over 2,000 athletes participating in the competitions at Special Olympics Summer Games. Every year we donate over $20,000 in logistics assistance to the event as well as get to meet and work with the incredible athletes and staff!special olympia relocation coordinator

Between the event transport, set up, and breakdown the Olympia crew volunteered at the event we had a full day of moving and fun!

If you have an event coming up and need a professional, efficient moving company, contact us for our commercial moving services in Boston MA. Get a FREE quote on the move or call us today!

special olympia relocation coordinator 4


Olympia Moving at Special Olympics MA Summer Games

Posted June 13th, 2014 by Rachael Fischer

It was an exciting weekend for athletes around the state as team Olympia pitched in to help with the Special Olympics Massachusetts Summer Games logistics. Our team, comprised of volunteers from the office and our crew, were kept busy performing free services for Special Olympics. Even company president, Michael Gilmartin, and VP of sales, Piet Gauchat, gave up their weekends to run the on-call logistics truck for the event. Olympia helped with every facet of the event’s logistics, including:

  • 12 pick-ups and drop-offs of food and equipment
  • Athlete move-in to their dorms
  • Event logistics assistance & equipment transportation
  • Event break-down
  • Athlete move-out and luggage distribution

Matt Ruxton, Vice President of Sports for Special Olympics Massachusetts, said: “I wanted to say thank you for all that you did to make this past weekend such a success. It truly was a great weekend and we could not do it without your help. You guys are the ones who make the event possible and all the success is due to your hard work. ”

One of the local program directs said: “This was the most efficient / well run weekend during my 7 yrs. The check-in, buses, staging, awards, etc. all went well. overall a great weekend. Great job!”

Here are some pictures from the event. You can see more pictures in our Facebook album.

Read our official press release about our involvement.

We can’t wait to continue to help out Special Olympics Massachusetts the rest of the years as their official logistics sponsor! Learn more about this partnership at olympiamoving.com/specialolympics

When Boston-Area Students Take a Break – Olympia Heats Up!

Posted May 22nd, 2013 by Rachael Fischer
Give 'N Go

Olympia manned the Give N’ Go stations on the Bentley University campus

Summer is the season when students from local schools, colleges and universities take time off to relax before next year…but for Olympia Office Movers, our “busy season” begins!

Each summer Olympia spends a significant amount of time in Boston area schools and on campuses assisting staff with renovations, special projects or moves. As usual, this year runs the gamut!

For full school moves, Olympia will be assisting Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School move and decommission the existing Stoneridge campus in Beverly to merge it with the Harborlight campus.

As for special projects, Olympia is proud to assist Bentley University this year with their Give ‘N Go program. Olympia is helping to collect unwanted items from departing students and deliver them to local charities.

Of course, many ask about one of our biggest projects of the year – the Northeastern University Move In and Move Out assistance. At the end of each school year, and the beginning of the next, Olympia sends a small army of our Boston movers to assist the students and parents with the loading/unloading process.

Do you need help preparing for a renovation or another type of commercial move? Please feel free to contact Despina Sidiropoulos in commercial business development at [email protected] or visit this link to set up a free estimate.  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you.

Read more about Olympia’s commercial moving experiences

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Olympia helps all sides on move for Boston non-profit

Posted April 3rd, 2013 by Rachael Fischer
Root Cause

Root Cause is sharing their excitement about their new space on their Facebook

Root Cause is a non-profit research and consulting firm that works to advance solutions to today’s toughest social issues. They also recently selected Olympia Moving & Storage to relocate their corporate offices from Cambridge to Boston.

Olympia did double duty for this job. Root Cause decided to purchase new furniture from local furniture vendor National Premier Partners, who in turn hired Olympia to deliver and install the new workstations, seating, and conference furniture.

Olympia used our own in-house installation team to set up the new work spaces from National Premier Partners.

Upon successful completion of the move, Root Cause realized there was a substantial amount of old furniture and items that no longer had value. Olympia was hired again, this time to provide Disposal Services using our partnerships with local recycling centers.

Root Cause is now comfortably in their new space, enjoying their new furniture, and Olympia Moving & Storage was happy we could help on many levels! Says Tania Green, Root Cause’s Marketing and Communications Manager, “The Olympia team far exceeded our expectations; their thorough communication, flexibility, and friendly movers make the experience hassle-free. We were able to focus on the excitement of moving to a new space rather than the stress of getting there.”

Do you need help preparing for an office move or another type of commercial move? Please feel free to contact Despina Sidiropoulos in commercial business development at [email protected] or visit this link to set up a free estimate.  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you.

Read more about Olympia’s commercial moving experiences

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Harvard Business Publishing benefits from Olympia’s versatility

Posted January 16th, 2013 by Rachael Fischer

Harvard Business PublishingHarvard Business Publishing, located in Watertown, MA, first hired Olympia Moving & Storage about a year ago for a small internal move. Since then, HBP has used our services numerous times including some large and unique projects.

Perhaps the most unique was when HBP asked us to clean and organize their “very full” 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Having completed similar projects for other large companies, our crew was ready with a plan. Over the course of three days we inventoried, organized, and stocked all the materials in the warehouse. In addition, we removed 7,000 lbs. of unwanted items to a recycling center.

The crew even got creative. Surplus cubicle panels were used to create more useful areas within the warehouse, including a bike corral for employees. It was a challenging task, but Olympia met it on time and on budget.

More recently, Harvard Business Publishing hired us to help with an internal “re-stack” of over 300 employees. We moved all the employees’ belongings to their new location and disconnected, moved, and reconnected each employee’s computer. We also broke down, moved, and re-built a large number of cubicles within the office. All these services were performed simultaneously over two weeks and were once again finished on time and under budget.

If you’re thinking about a commercial move, please feel free to contact Despina Sidiropoulos in commercial business development at [email protected] or visit this link to set up a free estimate.  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you.

PDF version of this newsletter

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