With our Case Studies, we take you to the job site. Preview what it’s like to work with the Olympia team on a wide range of commercial moves and projects.

Company: L3

When: May 2019

The Project: Move and Inventory Sort

This spring, L3, a major technology company, moved its world headquarters to Tewksbury, MA. Olympia relocated six hundred employees from L3’s Woburn and Wilmington facilities to one central location.

Our team handled computer disconnect and reconnect, as well as the transport of lab equipment and rigging. We then set up cubicles and desks in the new office so that the move did not leave employees stranded for any longer than necessary. L3 is now completely up and running in Tewksbury. But, the story doesn’t end there.

Sorting Things Out

After the success of the headquarters move, L3 brought Olympia back in to to process their inventory. We now have a crew of ten people cycle counting L3’s inventory of over a million parts and pieces. L3’s employees are helping us with the re-inventory, but the project is expected to take two months to complete.

Three different warehouses are involved to this process, so three groups of inventory are being processed simultaneously. As such, our crews need to keep detailed records of each batch of items to streamline the process. New items are transferred from locational trailers and sorted, while current inventory is relabeled and sorted. All of this information is then uploaded to L3’s online inventory system.

Next Steps

As the inventory process goes on, each inventory group will be taken to its specific warehouse. The goal of the entire job is to have all of the inventory sorted, labelled, and uploaded to the database at the end of the two month period.

L3 is an international company that needs to be able to keep up with its different markets. Olympia provides the logistic solutions needed to keep companies like L3 up and running when they need it most.

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