“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is a clean desk a sign?” was a quote from Einstein. To answer Einstein, a clean desk is a sign of a focused mind. With everything laid out and organized, you’ll keep yourself efficient and stress free. Here are some tips to keep the things you want to see in sight and the things you don’t out. 

Cable management


Exposed wires can be dangerous and unpleasant to see. It becomes worse when you have to unplug wires and move things around. You end up playing Tangle Master 3D in real life under your desk. 

Keeping wires together in wire sleeves is a great option to remove most visual clutter above and below your desk. It also makes it easier for you to identify wires that you are looking for when you have to unplug something to replace it or remove it in general. 

If you have extra clusters of wire that you can’t hide away, consider using a cable management box. It keeps everything tucked into an unassuming box while giving you easy access.

Wall mount/VESA mount your monitors

Your monitor takes up a ton of space. The generic monitor stand takes up a sizable chunk of your desk space for no real reason. Getting a clamp-on VESA monitor arm or a wall VESA mount can help. Not only do you free up desk space, you get far more control over how your monitor is positioned, allowing you to position it to the perfect height and orientation.

Peg Boards


Peg boards aren’t limited to the hardware workshop. It can have a very practical use in your office as well. Not only do they make your wall pop out, they have so much utility in terms of displaying and giving you easy access to commonly used items like pens, paper clips, etc. without intruding on any of your desk space. It’s easily customizable to your own use case, making it easy to recommend to anyone looking to organize their desk space.

Wall Shelves 

On a similar note, utilizing wall shelves is very underrated. Our walls are of little to no use when it comes to storage, when it really is just free real estate. They are affordable and relatively easy to mount on most walls, and it gives you a ton of storage space. Put your binders and papers up and organize them into categories. Your desk will thank you for it.

Keep your office space clean and clutter free as you enter the new era of a hybrid work place environment. Go with Olympia’s professional service to take you there. Whether it’s a redesign of your business space, or downsizing and decommissioning your square footage to foster the clear shift to a hybrid/dedicated WFH model, Olympia can provide all the services to meet your goals with ease. We have expertise in storage, decommissioning, liquidation and more to support a smooth transition to the next age in workplace environments.