Learn more about commercial moving with Olympia’s case studies. Find out what it’s like to work with the Olympia team on this university cleanout.

Client: Brandeis University

When: May 2019

The Project: University Library Furniture Removal

Removal Overview

Brandeis University is currently in the process of renovating its historic library. The library is home to over two million books, forty-five thousand journals, and four thousand films. All these materials need a home. Over the course of the summer, Brandeis will be updating its library, starting from the lower levels. As usual, the old carpets are the first to go.

Carpet removal can’t begin with a load of furniture blocking the way. That is where Olympia comes in. Our crews are on-site at Brandeis completing a mass furniture recycling project ahead of the carpet removal. We dispose of all of the old, unwanted furniture from the library’s lower levels. This leaves Library Services free to handle other parts of the renovation.

Equipped and Ready

The benefit of bringing Olympia in the handle furniture disposal is that Brandeis Library Services and Brandeis Maintenance did not have to sacrifice their own resources to haul desks. With the crew on the ground floor, Library Services could work concurrently on renovation tasks on the upper floors.  In addition, maintenance did not have to shuffle equipment away and interrupt the dorm cleanout occurring nearby to accommodate our crews. One Olympia truck brought all the equipment our crew needed.

Removal and Breakdown

Our crew split into two groups to start of this job–one to work through the lower levels and remove the furniture and one to break down and dispose of the furniture outside. Despite the demolition outside, no books were harmed in the process of this cleanout. Our crew took great care in protecting Brandeis’s historic collection. Far away from the books, old desks saw the business end of a sledgehammer.

Over the course of the morning, the crew separated the remains into two specific dumpsters–metal and wood. Because Brandeis wishes to avoid sending waste to a landfill, the separation is a must. A third party service will pick up the dumpsters once our crew is finished and take away the materials to be processed. The furniture will be turned into reusable products rather than being thrown out.

Looking Ahead

The library renovation will continue into June and Olympia will assist with any removals deemed necessary by Library Services. Though this phase of the project is complete, we were glad to assist in recycling such a large inventory. Olympia is a go-to moving company for Brandeis University. We are proud to work alongside their team on a range of projects to make the school run smoothly.

Brandeis is just one of the many universities that Olympia serves. We provide removal services, dorm moving services, as well as installation and technology disconnect/reconnect. Visit our site to learn more about how we can help your university this summer.

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