In our Case Studies, we take you to the job site. Preview the Olympia team’s work on this hospitality moving project in Washington, DC.

The Client: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Washington, DC

When: August 2018

The Project: Replacing, Restocking, and Recycling Hyatt Regency’s mattresses

Olympia helps keep the standards high at the Hyatt Regency in DC

The Hyatt Regency hotel in Washington DC is just 2 blocks away from the United States Capitol and the National Mall. Hyatt Regency has guests from around the world relying on them for a safe, clean, and enjoyable stay overnight in the nation’s capital. They called upon Olympia Moving and Storage to replace and recycle over 600 mattresses and box springs.

Washington DC Hospitality Moving

Olympia received five trailer loads of mattresses and box springs at our local Washington DC warehouse. The crew was on-site at the Hyatt for five days. Each day the Olympia team took all old mattresses from the hotel rooms, bagged them, and loaded them into the truck. Olympia transported the product back to our warehouse for donation. After all the mattresses were removed, Olympia delivered and set up all the new mattresses and box springs in the rooms. The crew removed and set up mattresses in around 100 rooms per day.

Commercial Furniture Donation

Once the mattresses returned to our warehouse, Olympia arranged for all of them to be donated to a local charity, A Wider Circle. The donation allowed Olympia to benefit the community, keep the mattresses out of the landfill, and save the Hyatt Regency thousands of dollars disposal costs. A Wider Circle was thrilled with the donation and sent us this message:

“A Wider Circle had the pleasure of working with Olympia Moving & Storage over the summer.  Mattresses and box springs are the most requested items by the families that A Wider Circle serves. Since 2001, Each year, with the help of more than 30,000 volunteers, A Wider Circle provides 16,000 individuals with the tools essential for dignified living in stable homes and 2,500 individuals with the skills and resources they need to be in the workforce, while serving an additional 7,500 children and adults through its special programs and services.  Partnerships with organizations like Olympia Moving & Storage are the cornerstone of our success.”

A Satisfied Hospitality Moving Client

Getting this job done quickly was on top of the to do list for this project. It was essential to the hotel returning to day to day functions and full capacity. The Executive Housekeeper at the Hyatt Regency had this to say about working with our team:

“From start to finish, the team at Olympia moving was fast, friendly and efficient. Coming into an environment that was new for them, even having done similar projects in other hotels, they were extremely quick to catch-on to the location and floors. Joe and his team arrived every day on time and notified me as soon as they were ready to begin which was right when they got here. What was significant was not having to look over Joe and his team during the whole process. His team was partnered up with a few of my associates and I couldn’t get over the fact that there were little to no hiccups during the transitioning of over 600 box springs. I want to thank the entire team at Olympia moving and would highly recommend them to anyone in the future looking for a project either large or small!”

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