With our Case Studies, we take you to the job site. Preview what it’s like to work with the Olympia team on a wide range of commercial moves and projects. In this case study, we share Olympia’s summer-long role assisting university facilities and logistics with Tufts.

The Client: Tufts University

When: June – August 2018

The Project: Condition Appraisal, Furniture Removal, Replacement, and Installation, Facilities and Logistics Assistance

Campus-wide updates and renovations at Tufts University

Many of the Boston area schools rely on Olympia to manage the preparation of their buildings for each school year. Tufts University has almost 11,500 students returning to school each fall. Summer is the perfect time to prepare the many dorms, classroom buildings, and office buildings. Tufts needed manpower to complete the university facilities and logistics needs, and they called on Olympia to help.

University Dorm Evaluation

Olympia was at Tufts with an average of crews of 8 almost every day through the months of June, July, and August. The team started the project by evaluating each dorm room to identify the updates. The Olympia team compiled a detailed list of the repairs and replacements needed in each room and the vendors needed to complete the tasks. The list included evaluating furniture’s condition or need for replacement, painting needs, window and blind maintenance, and more.

University Project Punch Lists and Furniture Installation & Liquidation

In order to keep the summer organized and on-task, Olympia completed daily punch lists for the staff. The university logistics included moving furniture to and from different rooms and buildings on campus. Oscar, the dedicated project manager for this job, was on campus almost every day. He was in direct constant contact with the Tufts staff and facilities about the campus’s constantly changing needs.

Once the existing furniture evaluation was complete, Olympia replaced the old furniture with new pieces. The new furniture arrived in trailers and the Olympia crew would move, install, and arrange it. The Olympia team moved all old and unwanted furniture out of the buildings and transported them for donation or recycling.

University Facilities & Logistics

The key of this project was to execute  quickly and efficiently so the University was ready for the Fall 2018 Academic semester.  We hope that as the Tufts students and staff return to campus this fall, they enjoy the beautiful facilities that Olympia prepared behind-the-scenes.

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