Whether your company needs short-term storage for a move or renovation, or your company is looking for a long-term storage for furniture, assets, or supplies, Olympia has the solution.

Olympia Office Movers maintains over 300,00 s.. ft. of company-owned storage space in Greater Boston, Washington DC, Austin, and Philadelphia. Our climate-controlled facilities are secured by 24-hour security and monitoring systems and are kept in immaculate condition by our dedicated warehouse staff.

Vault, Racked, Palatalized or Floor Storage

Olympia offers three kinds of commercial storage to fit your needs and budget:

  • 5′ x 5′ x 7′ wooden vaults, the most efficient & economical storage solution
  • Oversized or palatized items on racks inside our warehouse
  • Directly on our warehouse floor, priced by the sq. ft., best option for quick turnaround shipments

Warehouse Receiving Services

Olympia will receive shipments of all sizes, from individual boxes to entire trailers. Our warehouse team will inspect and inventory all inbound storage before transferring to its storage location.

Warehouse Distribution & Delivery Services

Olympia provides full-service distribution services and storage delivery. Our professional movers will deliver directly to destination and perform any required services.

FF&E and Installation Services

Olympia will handle furniture, fixtures, and equipment from top to bottom. We will receive in our warehouse, store, deliver on your timeline, and install. Olympia’s installers specialize in hotel, dormitory, and office furniture, workstations, and more.


Our crew completes a detailed inventory for all incoming storage. This inventory acts as a receipt for your goods and as condition report.

Inventory Management

Olympia offers complete asset control management. Each storage piece is individually bard-coded and photographed for easy tracking. All our inventory management clients have access to an easy-to-use online portal. From this site clients can search and view every item and service with Olympia, as well as request deliveries and pickups.

Inventory Management is a great solution for a company that does not have the in-house space or resources to keep a precise management of their assets, furniture, and supplies.

Using our inventory management portal is easy!

1. Use your assigned log in to enter the portal
2. View your current assets in our storage including pictures, quantities, and other relevant details
3. Select the items you would like to be delivered
4. Schedule deliveries out of storage or pickups into storage using our simple move request form
Inventory Management Portal

Commercial Warehouse Locations

Olympia’s warehouses are located in Greater Boston (Watertown, MA & Mansfield, MA), Washington, DC (Hyattsville, MD), Philadelphia, PA (Folcroft, PA), and Austin, TX (Wells Branch).
To request a quote for commercial storage and warehousing, contact us at 800-222-4744 or online.