Learn more about commercial moving with Olympia’s case studies. Take a look at what it’s like to work with the Olympia team on this office liquidation & renovation in partnership with a leading furniture dealer.

Client: Office Resources and Cengage

When: June 2019

The Project: Boston Office Liquidation & Renovation with a Boston Furniture Dealer

Boston Office Liquidation

In June, Office Resources hired Olympia to assist educational company Cengage with their office renovations. Cengage makes educational software and content from their headquarters in Boston’s Fort Point Seaport district.

Our crews removed and liquidated old shelving units, cubicles, and other unwanted furniture. Cengage’s building was once a warehouse, so this project is an expansive undertaking. Liquidating floors and floors of office furniture takes time, but luckily our crews have the experience to take on a lengthy project.

Furniture Disposal in Fort Point

Due to the sheer size of Cengage, a lot of inventory was moved out of the building. Elevators were the main mode of transportation through the building. Our crew padded three elevators to protect them from furniture edges and scrapes.

The elevators also provided a unique challenge. Security cards were necessary for travel to any floor but the first. The same applied to all of the stairwells. Only a few members of the crew received security cards. Therefore, our foremen had an organized approach to ensure no one got stuck outside of the floor they were working on. For example, old cubicles were broken down in groups and then stacked in the open areas near the elevators, waiting to be removed in bundles. Then, teams of crew members moved them with someone who has a security card. This strategy ensured that the security measures did not slow the crew down.

Preparing For Renovation

On floors that had already been cleared of their old fixtures, the crews organized whatever remained. Office suites stored items  like chairs and books until the process was complete. A full warehouse floor of office fixtures leaves a lot of miscellaneous objects behind, all of which were treated with care by our crews.

Moving Company for Furniture Dealers

This project will continue through June. At the same time that our crews are working through the upper floors, other contractors are updating the space behind them. A brand new office in the same building in the Seaport Boston is waiting for the Cengage employees when they return.

Olympia’s versatility is why we are the first choice of a company like Office Resources. Office Resources is a leading Knoll Dealer in Boston who is working with Cengage to create a beautiful new workspace including state-of-the-art cubicles and desks. Furniture dealer companies like Office Resources bring Olympia in to facilitate this update. We can handle liquidating the old space so Office Resources can focus on designing the new space. We have specialists on our crews that can tackle a variety of commercial moving needs.

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