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Client: MathWorks

When: May 2019

The Project: Large Employee Relocation & Computer Disconnect/Reconnect

Local mathematical software giant MathWorks is constantly growing. After a fantastic year, the company is expanding its Apple Hill Campus with the renovation of its third building. Four buildings house around 3,000 employees and work spaces. Because of the sheer size of this campus, MathWorks brought Olympia in to assist with large scale disconnect/reconnect services.

Disconnect/Reconnect Services

Each work space requires the monitor and hard drive of the incoming employee to be installed. MathWorks operates on the very cutting edge of its industry, so creating a seamless transition between desks prevents loss of productivity. Such a large shift of technology requires a highly trained team, as great care is key to protecting valuable equipment and data.

The process begins when the hard drive is first attached under the desk in a cubby. Then, the cable bundles are paired with each set of hardware and run through the monitor arm. Finally, the back panel on the monitor is removed with a drill so that it can be drilled into the monitor arm.

Multi-Level Organization

The goal of this job is to move employees’ technology from their former work spaces into new ones. It’s an ongoing process with many phases to minimize disruptions, so the project will take months to complete. Consequently, the expansiveness of MathWorks’ campus requires a level of organization beyond that of a normal employee relocation.

Each crew member received a map at the start of the project to reference when the foreman directs them. The foreman is in control of a lot of moving parts and responsible for hundreds of sets of computing equipment. The crew then works in pairs or as individuals to move through each building in sections. Every crew member gets a dolly, disassembly and reassembly tools, and the computer hardware for the offices on their list.

Looking Ahead

The employee relocation will continue as renovations proceed over the next few months. Because of how crucial computer access is to MathWorks employees, the roll out of this relocation is staggered to ensure that no one is sitting without access to their work. Our crews will stay on site, gradually working through the blocks of relocations throughout the course of the job.

We are excited to help a Boston-area company with such an ambitious project!

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