In January we completed a move in the Lesley University library. Lesley University is a client we have work with on numerous occasions. This particular move was on the larger side. Lesley was completing renovations to their library’s ground and first floor. The renovations consisted of removing and laying down the new carpet, as well as painting the walls and adding in new shelving for books. They contacted Olympia for their moving and disposal needs, and we were more than happy to help. We worked directly with their facilities manager, who we have an ongoing relationship with.

Olympia's mover taking book off a shelf at Lesley UniversityOur crew temporarily moved the books to the second floor so the renovations could be completed. Attention to detail was important for this job. The books had to be placed on the carts by shelf, in the same order. The cart rentals for this move were provided by Olympia, along with binds and dollies. Keeping the order of the books was an extremely important detail that factored to the success of the job.A photo of Lesley University's librar

After the books were loading on carts and placed on the second floor, the shelves were then removed and recycled. The room was now ready for carpet and paint. This is a typical move request from our clients, and something that our crew has done many times before. Once the carpet and paint renovations were complete, Olympia installed the new compact shelving was placed on both ground and first floor.

The job took about a week and a half to complete and was a great success. Lesley University is a client that we value and we look forward to working with again in the future.

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