Olympia Office Movers provides disconnect / reconnect services for computers, monitors, workstations, and other company electronics. Clients can request solely this service, or as part of their office move. Our team is specially trained in disco/reco and utilizes checklists to ensure that each individual workstation is set up according to the employee’s needs and preferences.

Protecting Your Electronic Assets

Our crew takes care to properly pack all phones, keyboards, mouse, and monitors in anti-static materials and bags before placing them in crates. All cords are neatly packed and all computers are moved via computer carts.

Workstation Installation

At destination, our team will install all aspects of the workstation including computer docks, printers, and monitor arms. Olympia also provides modular workstation and office furniture installation services, learn more.

Workstation Reconnect Testing

Upon completion of the reconnect, our crew will test that all components are properly installed. They will check phones for dial tones and power up of all electronics.

Server Moving

Olympia also specializes in server and server rack relocation. We will work with your team to minimize downtime and ensure safe transport.

Disconnect / Reconnect Service Locations

Olympia Office Movers provides service in Greater Boston, Washington DC, Austin and Philadelphia.

Need a quote for disconnect / reconnect for your company? Contact us at 800-222-4744 or request a quote online.