Olympia Office Movers provides commercial crate rental, delivery, and pick up for companies. Whether you are moving with Olympia, or just require rental crates, Olympia can assist. Olympia’s commercial rental crates are perfect for easily packing workstations, offices, and more. The plastic crates easily stack for organized relocation.

Crate Delivery and Pick Up

The Olympia Moving Crew can deliver crates prior to your company relocation, allowing your team time to pack their workstations for move day. After the office move is complete and the crates have been unpacked, Olympia will pick up the crates directly from your facility.

Crate Dollies

Rent 4-wheel dollies with commercial moving crates. The crates easily stack on the dolly, allowing for easy movement that is safe for crate contents and your floors. Olympia recommends one dolly per every three crates.

Commercial Label Stickers

Our commercial crate rentals are designed with a location for commercial label stickers. These stickers come in a range of category colors that allow you and the movers to easily identify the correct location for the crate at destination.

If you’re ready to rent crates for commercial moving, call 800-222-4744 or request a quote online.