Right Sizing Your Office Footprint

The world is changing. With COVID proving that the world has the capabilities to handle remote working while keeping productivity stable, and in some cases, even rose during the pandemic (Forbes). That leaves companies with one jarring question and concern; are office spaces even necessary anymore? The amount of space that an office needs is no longer the same as it used to be before the Pandemic. Follow some of these basic guidelines to figure out how much space you really need for your company.

Determine Your Key Metrics

The amount of space varies depending on the business. A storage company needs significantly more space than a call center. But one constant is that people need to be working at the office. Get a head count on the amount of people that are going to and will return to the physical office. Plan out the pace that they will need and a little more in case more return or if new hires will want to work in the office.

If you need your space for more than just people, determine the amount of space you need for those other usages. Once that is completed, you can decide if your current lease and space matches up with what you currently need.

Get the numbers. Do the math. Leave space open for growth. Value your current location with what you plan to downsize to. If you do choose to move, Olympia will have you covered. With locations in Boston, Philadelphia, D.C, and Austin and extensive expertise in decommissioning, liquidation, installation and many other commercial moving services, Olympia is sure to provide you with the perfect transition to your next office. Give us a call, and speak to one of our seasoned representatives for a free site consultation/estimate at 800-222-4744.