Lease An Office Space

Sometimes it’s just not in your budget to outright buy an office space. Whether it’s because your company lacks the funds for it right away, or you simply don’t always need an office space. Leasing an office space may be the right business decision for you.

Lease Until You Can Buy

Your business needs a starting point. Not all small businesses will have the funds for property right off the bat. Many companies will opt to lease an office first to get their operations going, and expect the business will pay for itself eventually.

Better Opportunity

Because the cost of leasing is so much cheaper than buying, you’d be able to start off in a prime location that you would otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. If your business relies on location, such as restaurants and retail stores, then a strong location for cheap can only be achieved if you lease a location.

Less Hassle

Sometimes it just costs too much to maintain your own property. Renting requires minimum property maintenance. Most locations will be properly maintained by the landlord, meaning you can just focus on running your business.

Looking to move to your next office? Contact Olympia for a quote to see if we’re the right moving company for you. Focus less on the move and more on your business!.

Warehousing 101

What exactly is warehousing? While not the most memorable part of a business, it is vital to any business that has a large amount of physical assets. Not every business has the real estate and capital to invest in a location dedicated to storing their assets. That is where warehousing comes in. With over 25 years of experience and 300,000 sq/ft of storage space, Olympia can let you know just how important warehousing is.

What is Warehousing?

Simply put, warehousing is the process of storing physical assets for sale or distribution. Warehouses are used by all different types of businesses which need to temporarily store products in bulk before either shipping them to other locations or individually to end consumers. Amazon is the most notable example, storing millions of items and distributing them accordingly across the country from every location. A well maintained warehouse can keep your assets moving to wherever you need it to be in a timely manner.

Why Outsource Warehouses?

Not every company would be able to afford their own warehouses. It is a huge commitment and a large amount of space dedicated to just storing things. Not to mention, the extra cost of hiring people to keep track of and organizing the assets is yet another huge cost. That’s why getting companies that are able to provide all those services for you is a much cheaper alternative. Companies like Olympia not only store, but also receive and distribute from the warehouse. Learn more about our services here.


Office Moving Checklist

Planning a move is more than just calling some movers and setting up a date for them to come and move. There is a surprising amount of work and planning that comes way before the actual moving date. Here is Olympia’s moving checklist to keep you on track for your next move. 

Moving Timeline

Some task that will occur are:

  • Crate delivery
  • Pre-move instructions meeting
  • Move, pack, and prep
  • Movers on site at set time
  • First day at new location
  • Complete unpacking; pick up crates

Setting dates for all these events and following through with it will keep you on track for a stress free move.

Keep a list of Moving Contacts

If you have any questions about your move, remember to call the internal move manager, IT help, and janitorial assistance for any move-related questions

Prepare on Your End

To have your move be as efficient as possible, have everyone do a bit of packing on their own. The moving company of your choice will be spending less time putting things away and more time moving for you. Here is a list to help you and everyone else pack.

1.Clear the desktop and empty all drawers. Pack all these items in the plastic moving crates provided. Each employee will be limited to the supplied number of crates and will not be provided more.

2.Purge unneeded items and documents in the designated shredding, recycling, and garbage stations.

3.If you have any personal items, particularly items of value, take them home for the duration of the move.

4.If your movers have any other instructions, follow them accordingly.


Preparing for an office move yourself? Reach out to Olympia Office Movers today for a free consultation and take advantage of our 30 years of experience for a smooth and stress-free transition.