Benefits of Hiring Commercial Movers

An office relocation can be just what your company needs to take your business to the next level. According to Small Business Trends, moving offices has a positive effect on 68% of employees. Moving your office gives you an opportunity for growth and revamping your company’s capabilities. However, moving by yourself can be a tall task. Hiring commercial movers, like Olympia Office Movers, may be your best bet for a smooth transition to your business’s new home.

Why Hire a Commercial Moving Company

Commercial movers bring experience and know-how to your office transition. Some of the benefits these professionals can bring include:

  • Reduced Employee Stress – Your employees have enough work without throwing moving responsibilities on top of them. Transitions can add a certain amount of stress to anyone’s life, and commercial moving services can help everyone breathe more easily. Instead of worrying about breaking down furniture or moving printers and other heavy equipment, your employees can handle the work they’re given while the pros do the leg work.
  • Continuity of Productivity – If your employees are able to focus on the company’s work then your clients won’t suffer from a sharp drop-off in productivity. Any move will interrupt the workflow, but the efficiency of commercial movers will minimize pauses in work. Daily operations can continue with minimal interruptions while the moving service quickly relocates your office supplies.
  • Increased Safety – Moving requires a lot of heavy lifting, especially if your business is dependent upon heavy equipment. Additionally, your equipment and supplies can be damaged if they aren’t transported properly. Olympia Office Movers has the skills and tools to safely get the job done. Let us do the heavy lifting and use our moving equipment, including trucks, dollies, and packing supplies, to get the job done and lower the risk to your employees, furnishings, and appliances.
  • Waste Disposal – Most people take moving as an opportunity to discard unwanted and obsolete stuff. However, there are plenty of municipal codes to adhere to for proper waste disposal, especially for electronics. You can’t just throw everything in a dumpster without risking fines and other penalties. Olympia Office Movers will be able to liquidate your unwanted equipment the right way, saving you time and money.
  • Setting Up – Olympia doesn’t just pack your things and dump them at your new office. We will install office furnishings, set up equipment, and even connect your computer system. You and your employees won’t miss a beat and can slide into your new location without hassle.
  • Storage – Do you have items you need to store during the move? Olympia has you covered. We have over 300,000 sq. ft. of storage space in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Boston, and Austin. We also have 24-hour security surveillance to make sure your possessions are safe at all times.

While our commercial movers will do the bulk of the work, there are a few things you can do to make your office relocation go as smoothly as possible. We have managed and employee guides available on our website, as well as moving label placards. Here are a few other things to consider while you preparing for your move.

Make a Checklist

There are a lot of moving parts to moving residential homes, and this is exponentially increased during a commercial move. Create a checklist and schedule to make sure that every piece of equipment and every task is accounted for. Start with the big things, and note small things that need attention as you go. Circulate the schedule/checklist throughout your company. This will prevent anything from being left behind, help everyone stay on the same page, and prevent unwanted surprises.

Create a Moving Task Force

We know. We just explained that your employees will be able to maintain their focus on the daily tasks of your company. However, if you want to be totally prepared, you can enlist some employees as part of a moving task force. These individuals can communicate with our movers, make sure the checklist is followed, and help the rest of your employees smoothly transition to the new office.

Office relocation can be an exciting time that marks a new period in your company’s history. Get the job done right with our professional movers. Olympia Office Movers will cover moving, installation, and packing supplies, and provide experienced crewmembers that will help you move efficiently. Call today to schedule a free on-site consultation.