Desk Organization Tips

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is a clean desk a sign?” was a quote from Einstein. To answer Einstein, a clean desk is a sign of a focused mind. With everything laid out and organized, you’ll keep yourself efficient and stress free. Here are some tips to keep the things you want to see in sight and the things you don’t out. 

Cable management


Exposed wires can be dangerous and unpleasant to see. It becomes worse when you have to unplug wires and move things around. You end up playing Tangle Master 3D in real life under your desk. 

Keeping wires together in wire sleeves is a great option to remove most visual clutter above and below your desk. It also makes it easier for you to identify wires that you are looking for when you have to unplug something to replace it or remove it in general. 

If you have extra clusters of wire that you can’t hide away, consider using a cable management box. It keeps everything tucked into an unassuming box while giving you easy access.

Wall mount/VESA mount your monitors

Your monitor takes up a ton of space. The generic monitor stand takes up a sizable chunk of your desk space for no real reason. Getting a clamp-on VESA monitor arm or a wall VESA mount can help. Not only do you free up desk space, you get far more control over how your monitor is positioned, allowing you to position it to the perfect height and orientation.

Peg Boards


Peg boards aren’t limited to the hardware workshop. It can have a very practical use in your office as well. Not only do they make your wall pop out, they have so much utility in terms of displaying and giving you easy access to commonly used items like pens, paper clips, etc. without intruding on any of your desk space. It’s easily customizable to your own use case, making it easy to recommend to anyone looking to organize their desk space.

Wall Shelves 

On a similar note, utilizing wall shelves is very underrated. Our walls are of little to no use when it comes to storage, when it really is just free real estate. They are affordable and relatively easy to mount on most walls, and it gives you a ton of storage space. Put your binders and papers up and organize them into categories. Your desk will thank you for it.

Keep your office space clean and clutter free as you enter the new era of a hybrid work place environment. Go with Olympia’s professional service to take you there. Whether it’s a redesign of your business space, or downsizing and decommissioning your square footage to foster the clear shift to a hybrid/dedicated WFH model, Olympia can provide all the services to meet your goals with ease. We have expertise in storage, decommissioning, liquidation and more to support a smooth transition to the next age in workplace environments.

The Office Chair Tier List

Your desk area is a sanctuary. It’s a place that allows you to work from comfort. So why torture yourself with a seat that forces you to adjust out of discomfort or shift out of pain. Your office chair should be your throne, a seat that grants you immense power and satisfaction when you’re on it. It should call out to you and make you want to return to your desk every morning and sadden you to leave it at night. It should empower you, instead of draining you at the end of your work day. Based on David Zhang’s YouTube video “The Best Office Chair Tier List” and some of our own experiences, here are some of the best options for your next office chair upgrade.

Steelcase Gesture: S

The Gesture is the more modern and contemporary cousin to the Leap. The headrest is a bit more functional compared to the Leap, but they share very similar flaws. The seat is still too firm and lumbar support is a bit lacking for the price that they’re asking for. Otherwise, this office chair is probably the closest to perfection on this list.

Steelcase Leap v2 with Headrest: A

The Steelcase Leap v2 with headrest is one of the three most highly rated chairs by David, and with good reason. It is comfortable to sit in with a wide range of ergonomic adjustment to fit anybody’s needs. The seat may be a little too firm for some people, and lumbar support could be better at this price point, but overall it checks more marks than it misses.

Herman Miller Embody: A

The Herman Miller Embody is in a league of its own when it comes to upper back and lumbar support, with its unique back design meant to imitate a human’s spine for the most natural support. However, it lacks a headrest and the arm rest leaves a bit more to be desired. 

Herman Miller Aeron: B+

The Aeron is the classic and most iconic Herman Miller chair. It is loaded with ergonomic features and boasts a very well rounded seating experience with nice lumbar support and nice mesh seats. It looks a bit too unassuming and the seat can be a bit too limiting in terms of how you can sit in it, but overall it is very comfortable.

Logitech Embody: B

The Logitech Embody is simply a reskin of the regular embody with foam paddings that are make it worse. While it looks quite dashing with it’s bold black on blue, it is not quite as comfortable as the regular Embody while costing a bit more. If you are looking for a centerpiece in your office and can compromise a bit of comfort, then this one may be for you.

Steelcase Amia: B

The Amia is the budget offering from Steelcase. While still expensive, it is significantly cheaper when compared to their Gesture and Leap line of chairs, while offering the same level of comfort. What you do end up lacking is the level of control over the ergonomics found on the higher tier chairs from Steelcase. If those don’t matter to you, you can save a good chunk of change while getting an excellent product. 

IKEA Markus: C+

The Markus is unassuming while looking very contemporary. It is not as comfortable, but is a solid choice for those looking to spend less. However, the static arm rest and lack of ergonomic adjustments make this not as desirable as previously mentioned chairs. But for the price, it keeps you focused on your work and not your seat.

Secret Lab Chairs: C

Gaming chairs are frankly terrible options for office chairs. They look noisy and lack the premium build quality most premium office chairs utilize. The racing style design limits how you can sit in it. However, Secret Lab chairs are a little different. The quality and sturdiness of Secret Lab chairs make them more comfortable. The seat is firm and there is some control over the armrest. It looks minimal and unassuming depending on which finish you choose. However, it is quite pricey. Unless you love the look of racing style chairs, you might want to skip this category entirely. 

Staples Hyken: D

The Hyken is the computer chair you see most of your co-workers sitting in. And for a good reason. It’s simply cheap. While the mesh is a bit too stiff and the build quality is on the cheaper side, it is cheap. 

As we venture back into the office and embark upon a redefined and more prevalent hybrid work culture, make sure you and your business are prepared to tackle the new norm. Whether it’s a redesign of your business space, offering a more ergonomic and comfortable in-office space, or downsizing and decommissioning your square footage to foster the clear shift to a hybrid/dedicated WFH model, Olympia can provide all the services to meet your goals with ease. We have expertise in storage, decommissioning, liquidation and more to support a smooth transition to the next age in workplace environments.

Office Social Distancing COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis changed the world forever. This virus has altered our personal lives, travel plans, and work habits. The time to return to work is nearing, and many companies are worried which are the right measures to accommodate their working environment. Olympia can assist your organization with office social distancing, changes, and essential services for opening your offices and physical locations again.

Relocate Employee Workstations, Contents, and Computers To Right-Size Your Business

To respect social distancing norms in your company when people come back to work, we can re-arrange the equipment your workers use. For instance, workstations or computers should be placed at a more significant distance from each other, as well as other furniture in your office. We will help you move each workspace to a minimum six-foot distance apart. Many companies are also planning to stagger desks to achieve distancing. The goal is to properly space employees in the workplace. 

You may also want to re-configure common spaces in your workplace. Kitchens, conference rooms, and lounges may need furniture rearranged or removed to create more space between employees. Arrangement in warehouses, labs, and other workplaces may also require changes to meet these new needs.

high cubicle for right sizing your businessInstall High Panels at Existing Cubicles

Many companies utilize cubicles to separate workers. While this might be an efficient measure, you will have to consider the size of your cubicle panels.  A taller or larger panel will create a stronger barrier between employees and minimize risks.

Our professional installation team can help you keep the existing floor plan of your office by installing high panels to the existing framework of your cubicles. This addition division of space will create more confidence and minimize health risks in your office. 

Re-Configure Office Furniture to Fit Social Distancing Needs

Your office set up may completely change when right-sizing. Some companies might need to invest in smaller furniture that allows more space for distancing.  Other offices might be able to just rearrange the office settlement with minimum investment. Olympia can help assist with both these scenarios by disassembling and reassembling workstations. Along with old workstations, you may also need to liquidate miscellaneous furniture, file cabinets, and more to create space to distance desks. Regardless of your needs, Olympia can help you develop a strategy according to your situation. As we assist you with the reconfiguration of your office furniture, we will consider not only the new social distancing norms, but also the comfort of your employees and your budget. 

Temporary Storage for Office Furniture Not Needed During Right-Sizing

During the reconfiguration phase, you might end up with some excess furniture. We have to consider that this phase may not be a permanent one. If you are planning for full restoration to your previous office set up down the line, our warehouses can pack and store excess furniture for the interim. This will help to create space and alleviate any clutter right now, and allow your company to return to a productive workplace sooner.

Delivering Content, Computers, and Furniture to Home Officessetting up a home offices for right sizing your business

Some offices are opening their doors while some are extending their work from home policies. We are seeing a progression of more companies implementing a work from home option as a new standard business practice.

Overall limiting the size of people in your office is recommended as office distancing will remain relevant, whether the new schedule it is a time split between in-office and at-home work, or a full push to remote, your employees must have the adequate equipment furniture and resources to effectively perform from their new remote work stations.

Olympia can handle the delivery of contents, computers, and furniture to the new home offices. We can receive and store the equipment for your employees at our full-service warehouses. We will then be able to the deliver equipment directly to your employees’ homes. Our team can even install desks and workstations in your employee’s homes as necessary. Whether it’s delivering new office furniture to homes, or packing and moving office furniture and contents to homes, our professionals are adequately equipped to execute this new transition.  

Going back to work might be a challenge, but we can help you make this transition a lot easier. Our crew are experts in right-sizing workspaces of all kinds. We will help find the balance so you and your workers can remain executing at a high level.

We all must pull together as we continue to overcome these constantly changing challenges. To speak with a move consultant to get a free estimate on right-sizing your office, click here or call 800-222-4744.

How To Make Your Office Greener

How To Make Your Office Greener Or More Eco-Friendly

Numerous studies show employee health and well-being are inextricably linked to employers providing a clean, healthy work environment. Studies also show that employees spend a significant part of each day at work.

It is therefore important to ensure the environment is safe and conducive to mental and physical well-being and productivity. Some studies also indicate that employees in an eco-friendly workspace tend to experience fewer workplace mistakes, and accidents. Besides, a greener office seems to help minimize high staff turnover and absenteeism. All are key indicators why you should make your officer greener.

Here Are Some Ways To Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Facilitate Employee Buy-In

Employees who feel a part of any greening program will more than likely help sustain the initiative in the long-run. One of the best ways to make your office greener and more eco-friendly is to include your employees in your planning at the start.

Engendering employee input into green initiatives will help make them feel they constitute an integral part of the project. It may also help motivate them to come up with their ideas to make their workspaces more efficient and user-friendly.

Improve Wellness And Reduce Absenteeism

Some studies show that employers lose billions of dollars in production time yearly due to absenteeism or illness. A sick work environment may also contribute to high staff turnover, more workplace mistakes and accidents, and low motivation.

A clean work environment is a great investment in helping to improve productivity, general outlook, and employee and client relations.

Improve The Lighting

Research shows that office lighting consumes almost 20 percent of all energy use in organizations. Incorporating more natural lighting may not only help reduce energy costs but may promote more alertness and focus at workstations.

Switching to low-energy or LED lighting, and positioning workstations closer to natural sunlight may help boost energy and productivity levels among employees.

Encourage employees to turn off lights in rooms that are used less frequently, and also switch off lights at the end of the workday. Some studies indicate leaving lights on overnight may help increase greenhouse emissions in the office.

Greene plants for office that is going green

Incorporate More Greenery

An attractive work area may help boost employee perspective and foster greater interaction among colleagues and customers. Try bringing some of the greenery from the outside into the workspace to help make your office more eco-friendly.

Research shows that plants can help improve the overall air quality by consuming carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen levels. Plants may also help disperse any chemical substances released by office cleaning products, furniture, and equipment. Cleaner air quality may also help reduce absenteeism due to illness resulting from environmental factors.

cleaning office with eco friendly productsUse Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products And Equipment

Chemical cleaning products may release harmful gases or fumes into the air and air-conditioning vents. Studies show some odors and toxic fumes from chemical cleaning products may contaminate the office environment with constant use.

Some products may also release irritants that can contribute to respiratory illnesses, burning, itching, watery eyes, and itching skin. Eco-friendly cleaning products can help employees inhale, cleaner, fresher air.

They may also help reduce dust and chemical residues that may shorten the lifespan of office furniture and equipment.

Conserve Energy

Lighting and equipment generate high volumes of energy while operating. Eco-friendly office equipment may help reduce emissions and cut costs related to high-energy output.

Switch off computers, printers, heating, and air-conditioning systems when not in use. Regulating heating and cooling systems to avoid constant cycling also help reduce energy output and expenses in the office.

Use Less WaterA faucet of running water that needs to be save for an eco friendly office

Conserving water will also help reduce wastage and utility costs. Implementing initiatives to help conserve water will also ensure a more eco-friendly work environment.

Switch out traditional plumbing fixtures with low-output or motor sensor faucets. Low-flushing toilets will also help save water. Check your plumbing system regularly to help reduce leaks and replace faulty fixtures promptly.

Reduce Wastage

Green office spaces can also help reduce office wastage and operating expenses. Let employees be responsible for providing their utensils for coffee, snack and lunch breaks. Reducing the reliance on single-use plastics will help minimize wastage, and garbage entering the landfill.

Using less paper and recycling used paper will also help reduce costs. Set up areas around the office for collecting items that can be recycled to help reduce clutter and wastage. Recycling ink cartridges, filters, drinking bottles, cans, and paper products can also help reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.

Service Equipment Regularly

Instituting a sustainable maintenance schedule can also help make your office environment more eco-friendly and productive. Periodic checks and servicing equipment will ensure they are in good working order, help reduce breakdowns, and expand their lifespan.

Improve Restroom Efficiency

Restrooms are among the hardest-working spaces in the office. Making them more eco-friendly will reap many benefits. Use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep floors, walls, sinks, and bowls clean, sanitary and pleasant smelling.

Keep washroom floors dry and clean to help reduce slips and falls that may cause serious accidents or injury. Switch to soaps and air-fresheners that emit fewer odors into the atmosphere, and reduce oils and other harmful chemicals entering the drainage system.

Clean around taps, basins, and bowls often to help minimize mold and mildew build-up. Use hand blowers or cloth towels to reduce the use of paper products for drying hands after using the washroom.

Recycle Obsolete EquipmentRecycled material from an office to make office greener

You can become a good corporate citizen by doing your part to reduce the number of machines entering the landfills. Instead of throwing them out, check to see whether you can recycle or refurbish them to extend their usefulness. You can then donate them to charitable organizations or educational institutions.


Daily commuting may lead to fatigue, stress and less productivity among employees. Promoting carpooling may help protect the environment while promoting greater employee interaction.

Providing a clean, eco-friendly office space is one of the best ways to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees. It also demonstrates a level of corporate responsibility to clients and staff that you are serious about business and the environment.

Empowering your employees to be a part of green initiatives will help keep them invested in their workspace health and safety regulations. Eco-friendly workspaces can help reduce wastage, conserve energy, and promote a happier, healthier, more engaging employee. If you are relocating an office this is a great time to consider taking steps to make your office greener. In the event of an office relocation, make sure you hire professionals for this process. Click here to get a free estimate today.

Cool Office Gadgets 2020

Cool Office Gadgets 2020

Shopping around for some new items for your office can be a big task. You’re not sure where to start. The goal is always to create the best possible work environment for your employees. Whether you are setting up a new office or updating an existing one, make sure to provide your employees with a comfortable and productive space. Here some of the coolest office gadgets that you will see in 2020.

Stand Up desk trending office itemStand up Desk

Stand up desks have become extremely popular in many offices nationwide. This is due to the extensive amount of research done showing how detrimental a seated position is to your health if done for hours at a time. The stand-up desks provide an easy and convenient way to transition from a seated to standing position. The desk levitates to your workstation, making it easy to use a computer or laptop from a standing position.

the wifi office scanner a trending office item

Wifi Document Signer

This scanner is an extremely easy device to get all your documents on to a digital platform. No more fussing with aggravating copy and scanning machines. Simply slide your paper document through the wireless scanner and have your document appear on your digital device. This is great for those scanning documents in volume. A must-have for any office.

Touch Screen converting bar
Image sourced from –

Touch screen bar

We are all used to touch screen tech in our everyday life. This device allows you to have that same ability on your laptop. The touch screen makes it easy to drag and drop throughout your desk stop. Easily swipe and scroll through documents with the touch of a finger. For creatives, this is a must. This makes drawing precise and simple. Effortlessly edit and cut videos down to the exact detail. This is compatible with almost any of the latest laptops.

Balance ball chair

Balance ball one of this year trending office items
Image sourced from

You may have seen those weird balls that look like chairs in your office. These are extremely popular now, but what are they for? These chairs promote popular body alignment while stabilizing your core. A unique looking chair that has a significant amount of health benefits.

Hello 2 is a this years trending office item
Image from

Hello2 Video conference call

The Hello 2 takes your video chatting experience to the next level. This versatile device not only comes with a 4k camera, but it also has a plethora of other features to give you a top-quality office conference call experience and more. Integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice, it allows you to easily make requests to AI voice assistants. Transferring any TV to an all in one communication device, Hello2 is one of this year’s office essentials.

Apple air pods are this years trending office item
Image from -

Air pods

They are everywhere. You’ve seen people everywhere you go with the signature white air pods. What makes them so popular, and why would they be used in an office setting? The hand-free Bluetooth pods make it extremely easy to connect with people while on the go or getting work done. Whether you are taking calls, listening to music, or getting information from Siri, the ability to be hands-free makes it extremely easy to multi-task.  

Interactive office projected is one of the trending items this year
Image from –

Epson Projector

This hot piece of tech is designed to make your meetings more engaging. Its convenient technology allows you to project onto any surface. Use the surface as a whiteboard or to mirror your computer screen. The best part is the whole experience is interactive, allowing you to control your meeting from the board. It’s screen sharing features allow you to share your meeting with up to 15 devices and also allows the member to participate as well with the ability to adjust.

When it comes to setting up your office, make sure that you’re up to date with the latest gadgets that will help with well being and productivity of your team. Some of the latest trends in tech and office furniture can help. If you’re planning an office move or relocation be sure to click here for a free estimate.

Best New Technology for Your Office

Moving to a new office is a the perfect opportunity to upgrade your tech. When you move out, all the old, out of date stuff crowding your desks and closets can be disposed by your moving crew. In a previous post on our blog, 9 Things Companies Just Don’t Need Anymore, we outlined common office fixtures and furniture that have run their course. Why not jump at the opportunity to change things up? Even you’re content to remain in the same office space, making the leap to the cutting edge can make your current space brand new.


Charging Office Chairs

The future is here! The OFM Model 2201 is an office chair with two USB charging ports and one AC outlet built into it. As more offices are ditching walls, this chair is the answer to extension cords and power strips.

USB 3.0 Docking Station

This beautiful little port changes the way you use laptops. It can connect two additional displays to your laptop while providing additional USB ports and headphone jacks. Your laptop can be your main workspace without sacrificing the functionality of another monitor.

Wireless Charging Trays

While the docking station revels in cord, the wireless charging tray rejects them. Drop your phone, smart watch, or any other wireless charge-capable device on the pad and go about your day.

Treadmill Desk

Exercise improves brain function and lowers stress. The successor to the standing desk, the treadmill desk allows you to keep the blood flowing while you work on your latest project.

Smart Windows

Smart windows, aka windows that change tint based on the intensity of sun hitting them, are beginning to replace their suddenly outdated counterparts. They aren’t cheap, but they are said to reduce eye strain from glare and save energy costs by keeping unwanted heat out.

Electronic Whiteboards

Smart boards have existed for many years, but in recent times this versatile technology has become crucial to any office. The ability to write on Powerpoint presentations or draw diagrams aids communication, and nothing is more important to a company’s success than communication.

Portable Conference Rooms

Conference calling is the bread and butter of companies with multiple offices. The need for conference calls has only increased with more people working remotely. Poor connection, however, can be the death of clear communication. Portable wireless conference systems remove the risk of missing key information with speakers that connect to your various devices.

Garden Spaces

There’s nothing new about green spaces, but a new push from productivity experts highlights gardens and green spaces as crucial futures to office design. Greenery promotes productivity and positive mental health in workers, which translates into better returns for your company.

Moving Quick…

If you need one of the innovations on this list, don’t wait. Olympia Office Movers can liquidate your existing furniture and equipment and replace them with newer models. Then, Olympia can receive the your new tech and deliver it to your offices. From there, our crews will install your new furniture or equipment and get you on your way to the future. For more on what we can do for an office in transition, see our most recent case study on Office Resources and Cengage in Boston’s Seaport.


If you are looking to make a change to your office, call Olympia to schedule a proposal meeting at 800-222-4744 or request a quote online.

Open Concept Office Positives and Negatives

Right now, 70% of Americans work in open concept office spaces. Whether you work in one yourself or aspire to, chances are you’ve heard about the open concept trend that’s been sweeping across workplaces worldwide. At first glance these open concept offices, equipped with cold brew iced coffee kegs and foosball tables create intrigue and excitement, but are they helpful to a work attitude or harmful to one’s workflow?Etailz open office

Let’s take a look at the specifics:

Positives of open concept offices
  • Access to senior staff & creating opportunities for
  • Ability to fit more employees in one work space
  • Lower work space costs
  • More photogenic offices
  • Allows for cross department collaboration and understanding of different types of roles
  • May form unexpected bonds among colleagues
  • Promotes transparency between role hierarchies
Negatives of open concept offices
  • Invites interruptions
  • Difficult to differentiate when it’s appropriate to approach someone
  • Inconsiderate habits that would normally go unnoticed may be disruptive to others
  • May discourage collaboration because of fear of interrupting
  • No privacy
  • Blurs company hierarchies
  • Gives no option for different personality types to thrive
  • More vulnerability to illness
  • Mixing departments may cause concentration problems (for example, placing sales near accounting)

There are obviously pros and cons to every work environment. Whether or not an open concept office is right for you and your company really depends on the type of work you do.

Unsurprisingly, creative companies were among the first to adapt to open concept offices but this type of work space doesn’t translate the same for all industries. While an open concept office may work well for creative teams, it may not be the best environment for those who work quietly and need concentration, and distractions may affect productivity.

As more offices convert to modern design and industries grow, the future of the work spaces has become an interesting topic. If an open concept office plan isn’t right for your company, there are still options to make your office more inviting to collaboration:

  • Balance between open concept and private offices, depending on role and hierarchy.
  • One way to make employees feel as though collaboration is more accessible without alienating those who may be more introverted is to decrease the height of cubicles or partitions. This way, employees are more visible but not automatically available and still have their own space within the office.
  • Companies are also utilizing “smart glass” which is glass that can turn opaque with the flip of a switch to create a more private environment in fishbowl-type offices that have become increasingly more popular.
  • Companies may also want to consider offering separate collaboration areas to limit disturbance in the office as a whole.

open concept smart glass microsoft open concept








It’s interesting to note that proximity alone does not automatically encourage collaboration. Companies must still work on their culture in order to encourage good working behavior and fluidity between departments. Some question that the forced interactivity of some environments is actually doing more to drive people apart than it is to bring them together. Inviting headphones into the mix may create a barrier between neighbors even though they sit in close range of each other.

It’s no surprise that happiness, or lack thereof, impacts the way people work. In a survey, 50% of employees said sound was an issue in an open concept office, while 30% said they had an issue with the lack of visual privacy open offices permit. On the flip side, of those with private offices, less than 10% cited ease of interaction as a problem in their office environment.

Ready to Change Your Office Layout?

Whether you’re looking to refresh your office or move into a new space, Olympia Moving & Storage can be a great asset.

We offer our clients:

  • Pre-move material & crates delivery
  • Full or partial packing services, including crating Loading, transport, and delivery by highly trained crews
  • Short or long-term storage in our secure warehouse Inventory management and warehousing
  • Document destruction & purging services Disposal and recycling services for unwanted items
  • Rigging services for heavier pieces
  • Modular furniture disassembly and installation
  • Electronics relocations (including connect and disconnect services)
Check out our complete list of services or call 617.926.5555 today, to talk to a commercial relocation specialist and start planning your move or reconfiguration.

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What is a Shared Workspace?

Bright colors, inviting design, and cold brew coffee in the kitchen, this is what comes to mind when we think of a shared workspace.

It’s no surprise that the concept of shared workspaces is becoming increasingly popular. High rents and a changing economy make running a business expensive. With the rise of the boutique business, people are finding new and creative ways to save on cost. But, is a shared workspace right for your company? What does it entail? Olympia Office Movers spoke with Dave McLaughlin, WeWork‘s East Coast General Manager, to get the real deal on using a shared workspace. shared workspaces

I must admit, based on how nice the offices are, we figured a shared workspace at a place like WeWork would be a bit pricey.

The truth? A shared workspace in the WeWork common area can range from $45 to $350 per person per month, based on your needs. Sounds good, right? It gets better.

All Commons packages include amenities such as high speed internet, discounts and benefits from over 250 partner companies such as AT&T, Hubspot and Uber, access to an online professional network of over 40k members worldwide, guest reception & community managers, and not least of all, kitchens with free coffee. When asked whether they had collaborated with another WeWork member on something, 70% of members said yes.

“I would say my favorite thing is the opportunity to network regularly with people within the community and other event goers. I meet at least 1 new person every event who I can connect with a friend in need of their service or collaborate with myself,” says Nike John, of Vibe Residential, on her company’s shared workspace at WeWork

shared workspaceWeWork builds their spaces around their shared kitchens, creating a place where people can interact and share ideas. Their mission is to build communities, not offices, and with locations worldwide they show no sign of slowing down. Focused on building a larger community, WeWork has created a place where members can connect with potential clients and business partners from around the world to build better businesses. With the use of a digital app to address frictions, WeWork seems to have found a way to make business solutions easier for the community as a whole, mapping what members need and delivering accordingly.

Shared workspace communities often offer events benefiting personal and business development, from exercise boot camp to business advice forums, the events offered are bound to catch your interest. WeWork’s members are even welcomed and encouraged to host events in their spaces.

It’s a common misconception that shared workspaces only work for small startups. WeWork’s Boston location is home to a financial company of 100 employees, which is by no means a small start-up! Rest assured that whether you’re a company of 1 or 100, they can make it work. reported in 2014 that according to a report from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the number of shared workspaces in America had gone from one to 781 since 2005. The shared workspace trend is only growing more popular as that number increased 83 percent from 2012 to 2013, while and memberships at facilities increased by 117 percent in that time.  With over 50 shared workspace options in the Boston and D.C. areas with attractive amenity offerings, month to month leasing, and a visually appealing space outside of the 9-5 cubicle norm, it’s easy to see why companies are drawn towards using a less traditional workspace to build their teams and attract young talent.

If an open office concept isn’t right for your office you can still take advantage of collaborative office shares with private office options. It’s important to keep in mind that the space you’re inviting employees into directly affects their mindset and productivity.

Interested in a shared workspace? Check out WeWork and request an estimate to move into your new workspace!

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