3 Things to Update After Using a Commercial Moving Service

Moving to a new office space can be a big change for any company. You might have relocated because of growth or downsized to save money. Either way, office relocation has a positive effect on about 68% of employees, according to Clutch. Now that you’ve successfully moved, here are some items you should update once you’ve settled in after your commercial moving service.

Business Address

The first order of business is making sure that all correspondence is sent to the new business address. You will need to update the address at the post office and forward any mail from the old address to the new one. Your commercial moving service may be able to direct you to the local post offices in the new city you arrive in. This also means that any online presence the business has established should be updated as well. That includes the Chamber of Commerce and any online business directories you are active on.

The big updates you should make after using a commercial mover service to relocate are with the IRS and State Department of Revenue. They will need to know the new business address so that the company can receive the necessary federal and state tax documents at the new address. If you have anticipated all of these adjustments and notified each respective department prior to the move, then you may have less to worry about once actually relocated.

Social Media

The business’s social media accounts are great places to notify followers and customers of the upcoming business relocation. When a company is on the move, you should send a clear message or post to your followers that the company address and phone number (if applicable) are being updated. Do this on all social media platforms on which you are active. Customers acquire information easily through social media, so it is arguably your best resource for keeping your clientele informed of your move.

The best places to use social media for your business are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You could consider redesigning an element of the company account’s visual appearance to help draw attention to your news, such as a logo, profile picture, or header image.

Marketing Materials

After hiring a commercial moving service to help you relocate, any and all marketing materials should be updated with new business information. This could help you attract new clients in your new city and solidify the new company culture. A change of location may require a bold change in marketing strategy, whether it be something as simple as an updated logo or slogan or something more large-scale, such as an appeal to a new audience or demographic.

These marketing materials may include business cards, phone numbers, and business names (if updated to match the new city). Direct mail marketing that reaches customers in a specific area needs an update as well. Any brochures, posters, or weekly letters will need to reflect the relocation and establish a sense of confidence and excitement to be based in a new area.

Your business may also communicate with customers using newsletters. Sharing news about the relocation and details about the relocation, including the commercial moving service you used, can be shared in the newsletter, followed by sharing the new business address and phone number. This can be simple and cost-effective! Any outdoor signage that is used to reach customers should point to a new business location. Each employee should be reminded to update their individual email signatures if they include business locations.

More Items to Update

A few more things you’ll want to update are any advertising campaigns that use the company address. You might even want to announce the business relocation using a commercial or series of social media posts. You should also update the company’s credit card and bank information to avoid fraud accusations. Updating local vendors is a great way of working within the community you are based in. This could help you establish new relationships and attract new clients through referrals.

Relocating to a new office can be an exciting and stressful time. Hiring a commercial moving business is a great way to ease your burden and give your company peace of mind. Olympia Office Movers are here to help start things off for you! Give us a call today to learn more about our services.