Tufts University Facilities & Logistics

With our Case Studies, we take you to the job site. Preview what it’s like to work with the Olympia team on a wide range of commercial moves and projects. In this case study, we share Olympia’s summer-long role assisting university facilities and logistics with Tufts.

The Client: Tufts University

When: June – August 2018

The Project: Condition Appraisal, Furniture Removal, Replacement, and Installation, Facilities and Logistics Assistance

Campus-wide updates and renovations at Tufts University

Many of the Boston area schools rely on Olympia to manage the preparation of their buildings for each school year. Tufts University has almost 11,500 students returning to school each fall. Summer is the perfect time to prepare the many dorms, classroom buildings, and office buildings. Tufts needed manpower to complete the university facilities and logistics needs, and they called on Olympia to help.

University Dorm Evaluation

Olympia was at Tufts with an average of crews of 8 almost every day through the months of June, July, and August. The team started the project by evaluating each dorm room to identify the updates. The Olympia team compiled a detailed list of the repairs and replacements needed in each room and the vendors needed to complete the tasks. The list included evaluating furniture’s condition or need for replacement, painting needs, window and blind maintenance, and more.

University Project Punch Lists and Furniture Installation & Liquidation

In order to keep the summer organized and on-task, Olympia completed daily punch lists for the staff. The university logistics included moving furniture to and from different rooms and buildings on campus. Oscar, the dedicated project manager for this job, was on campus almost every day. He was in direct constant contact with the Tufts staff and facilities about the campus’s constantly changing needs.

Once the existing furniture evaluation was complete, Olympia replaced the old furniture with new pieces. The new furniture arrived in trailers and the Olympia crew would move, install, and arrange it. The Olympia team moved all old and unwanted furniture out of the buildings and transported them for donation or recycling.

University Facilities & Logistics

The key of this project was to execute  quickly and efficiently so the University was ready for the Fall 2018 Academic semester.  We hope that as the Tufts students and staff return to campus this fall, they enjoy the beautiful facilities that Olympia prepared behind-the-scenes.

Does your University or business need help with campus facilities or building updates? Call Olympia to schedule a proposal meeting at 800-222-4744 or request a quote online.

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Washington DC | Hospitality Moving

In our Case Studies, we take you to the job site. Preview the Olympia team’s work on this hospitality moving project in Washington, DC.

The Client: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Washington, DC

When: August 2018

The Project: Replacing, Restocking, and Recycling Hyatt Regency’s mattresses

Olympia helps keep the standards high at the Hyatt Regency in DC

The Hyatt Regency hotel in Washington DC is just 2 blocks away from the United States Capitol and the National Mall. Hyatt Regency has guests from around the world relying on them for a safe, clean, and enjoyable stay overnight in the nation’s capital. They called upon Olympia Moving and Storage to replace and recycle over 600 mattresses and box springs.

Washington DC Hospitality Moving

Olympia received five trailer loads of mattresses and box springs at our local Washington DC warehouse. The crew was on-site at the Hyatt for five days. Each day the Olympia team took all old mattresses from the hotel rooms, bagged them, and loaded them into the truck. Olympia transported the product back to our warehouse for donation. After all the mattresses were removed, Olympia delivered and set up all the new mattresses and box springs in the rooms. The crew removed and set up mattresses in around 100 rooms per day.

Commercial Furniture Donation

Once the mattresses returned to our warehouse, Olympia arranged for all of them to be donated to a local charity, A Wider Circle. The donation allowed Olympia to benefit the community, keep the mattresses out of the landfill, and save the Hyatt Regency thousands of dollars disposal costs. A Wider Circle was thrilled with the donation and sent us this message:

“A Wider Circle had the pleasure of working with Olympia Moving & Storage over the summer.  Mattresses and box springs are the most requested items by the families that A Wider Circle serves. Since 2001, Each year, with the help of more than 30,000 volunteers, A Wider Circle provides 16,000 individuals with the tools essential for dignified living in stable homes and 2,500 individuals with the skills and resources they need to be in the workforce, while serving an additional 7,500 children and adults through its special programs and services.  Partnerships with organizations like Olympia Moving & Storage are the cornerstone of our success.”

A Satisfied Hospitality Moving Client

Getting this job done quickly was on top of the to do list for this project. It was essential to the hotel returning to day to day functions and full capacity. The Executive Housekeeper at the Hyatt Regency had this to say about working with our team:

“From start to finish, the team at Olympia moving was fast, friendly and efficient. Coming into an environment that was new for them, even having done similar projects in other hotels, they were extremely quick to catch-on to the location and floors. Joe and his team arrived every day on time and notified me as soon as they were ready to begin which was right when they got here. What was significant was not having to look over Joe and his team during the whole process. His team was partnered up with a few of my associates and I couldn’t get over the fact that there were little to no hiccups during the transitioning of over 600 box springs. I want to thank the entire team at Olympia moving and would highly recommend them to anyone in the future looking for a project either large or small!”

Does your hotel or business have hospitality moving needs? Call Olympia to refurnish and recycle old furniture at 800-222-4744 or request a quote online.

Office Furniture Liquidation: William Raveis, Brookline MA

In our “On the Move” series, we take you to the job site. Preview our team as they work on a wide range of commercial moves and projects.

The Client: William Raveis, a real estate company

When: June 2018

The Project: Office furniture liquidation and interstate relocation

Renovating Your Office? Olympia Can Help

William Raveis is a long-time client. The Connecticut-based real estate company relies on Olympia to manage the moving and logistics for their offices. For this project, the company planned a renovation of their residential sales office in Brookline, MA. They called on Olympia to help.

Boston Liquidation Services

Olympia was on site for four days. The first day our team tackled the office storage area. They took away trash for disposal and packed and organized everything that needed to be moved. The next day the Olympia crew relocated furniture and items from the main floor to the basement storage to clear the space for renovation. On day three, our team rolled up their sleeves to decommission 30 cubicles. Olympia liquidated workstations, desk chairs, file cabinets, and desks.

Boston Commercial Interstate Moving

Finally, Olympia relocated some of the art and furniture to another William Raveis office in Connecticut. This is a clever sustainability and money-saving tactic. If your company is renovating or moving one office, move that office’s resources to another office location that needs it. That’s the benefit of working with a commercial moving company that does it all.

Olympia deconstructing old office furniture

The key on this project was the execute as quickly and efficiently as possible. When the construction is complete, Olympia will be called on to install the new office furniture and move items out of storage.

Is your company renovating an office? Call Olympia to decommission your office furniture at 800-222-4744 or request a quote online.

Smooth Moving & Event Logistics for B2VT Ride

Putting on a large event takes coordination of many moving parts. Organization and working with the right people can make the difference between a success and a logistics disaster. Olympia Moving and Storage provides moving services and event logistics for events held throughout the Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia areas.

2016 was our seventh year assisting with the B2VT Ride event. The event features a 130 mile bike ride starting from Bedford, MA and ending in Ludlow, VT. The B2VT has been taking place since 2001, originally the event was a ride between the Harpoon Brewery locations in MA and VT, but since then the event has taken on a life of its own.

Along with 7 trucks, Olympia provided a great crew including, Liviu, Adrian, Albert, Andrei, Florin, Irmanta, Kestutis, and Paulius. Each put in hard work and enjoyed being part of such a fun event.

In the morning at the start line the crew collected each of the bikers’ bags and belongings, rather than making the journey harder for the bikers. Our crew also made sure there was a hearty supply of water at each rest stop for the riders along the way.

Once in Ludlow, the Olympia crew cheered on the bikers as they crossed the finish line. From there the crew used pad wrapping to protect the bikes from any damage and loaded them into the trucks to be transported back to Bedford at the end of the event.

Olympia Moving provides full event logistics for this along with other events like the Alzheimer’s Ride and Special Olympics Massachusetts Summer Games. For information how your event could utilize our services contact us today at 800-222-4744 or request an estimate online!

Walk to End Alzheimer’s Massachusetts Event Logistics & New Hampshire Event Logistics

Olympia Moving & Storage is honored to continually work with the Alzheimer’s Association of Massachusetts/New Hampshire on fundraising Massachusetts event logistics and other relocation needs.

This fall Olympia Moving & Storage worked with the Alzheimer’s Association to coordinate 10 Walk to End Alzheimer’s events throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. These walks are part of the world’s largest event to raise awareness of this disease and funds to fight it.

The Olympia Moving crew transported the event equipment to all locations, managed the set up and break down for all the walks, and assisted with event registration.  Organizations enjoy working with our crew on event logistics because Olympia Moving crew aren’t just labor, they’re also friendly faces that interact with the event attendees, including Alzheimer’s patients, and reflect well on the organization.

This year’s walks were a huge success.  Over 15,000 walkers participated and raised over $3 million for Alzheimer’s care and research.  You can click here to donate to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s through October 31st. Olympia Moving & Storage was pleased to be part of these outstanding community events, and hopes to work on the Walk to End Alzheimer’s again next year.

Here are a few great photos of our crews at the walks:

If your organization upcoming Massachusetts event logistics and transport needs, email [email protected] for a pricing estimate.  In addition to our work with the Alzheimer’s Association, we work with some of the biggest charities, universities, and sports organizations in Massachusetts.

Flawless Logistics for B2VT Ride

Whether it is your first or tenth event, planning a large event requires organization and working with the right people. Olympia Moving and Storage provides full logistics and moving services for events held throughout the Boston and Virginia area.

2015 was our fifth year assisting with the B2VT ride event. Today the B2VT ride is a 130+ mile bike ride over hilly terrain from Bedford, MA to Okemo Mountian, VT. The B2VT ride started back in 2001 when a team of ambitious beer loving bicyclists wanted to ride from the Harpoon Brewery in Boston to the newly opened second location in Windsor, Vermont. After the long journey Team Psycho was met at the finish line with a keg or two and a good time, since than the bike team has grown and the event took a shape of its own.

This year Olympia provided 8 crew members, 6 trucks, and their hard work for the fifth year and enjoyed being a part of such a fun event. The Olympia team was responsible for the following;

  • When the riders arrived at the finish line, we took their bikes from them, pad wrapped them to protect these valuable bikes from damage, then transported them back to the start line for pick up.
  • Back at the start line, we collected the riders’ bags and then transported them to the finish line for distribution back to the riders when they finished their journey.

starting line biker bags

  • Stocked every rider rest area on the route with water.

The event organizers will thrilled with the service and posted on their Facebook, “These guys crushed it on Saturday transporting hundreds of bags to Okemo and nearly 450 bikes back to the start venue in Bedford. First class service.” Wrote one rider, “Thanks for taking care of my bike after the ride … No bruises!”

Olympia Moving provides full event logistics for this along with other events like the Alzheimer’s Ride and Special Olympics Massachusetts Summer Games. For information how your event could utilize our services contact us today!

Olympia Movers Work With Special Olympics

special olympia relocation coordinator 2 One of our favorite jobs is donating our services for Special Olympics Massachusetts in Marlborough, MA.  Our moving company provides all the transport of the equipment between the Special Olympics office in Marlborough to competitions and fundraisers all over Massachusetts.

We love being the official logistics sponsor of Special Olympics Massachusetts! This is our 3rd year welcoming over 2,000 athletes participating in the competitions at Special Olympics Summer Games. Every year we donate over $20,000 in logistics assistance to the event as well as get to meet and work with the incredible athletes and staff!special olympia relocation coordinator

Between the event transport, set up, and breakdown the Olympia crew volunteered at the event we had a full day of moving and fun!

If you have an event coming up and need a professional, efficient moving company, contact us for our commercial moving services in Boston MA. Get a FREE quote on the move or call us today!

special olympia relocation coordinator 4


Boston University Summer Clean-Up

Moving Company for UniversitiesUndergrad and graduate Boston University students have headed home after finishing up the 2014-2015 school year and are now enjoying summer. That is our cue to start working! When the school is empty the university calls the professionals in to start the preparation of the dorm rooms for next year. With over 18,000 undergraduates at BU, you can imagine the work we had ahead of us!

Through the hard work of our experienced crew and moving coordinators, Olympia Office Movers efficiently moved all the old, unneeded dorm furniture to containers. The containers filled with old furniture are sent to a third-world where they will be donated for people who are less fortunate.

After removing all the old furniture we re-set all the beds and furniture to the default heights and their original set up, ready for the next round of students to occupy the rooms.

Moving Company for UniversitiesOlympia Moving helps others besides BU students make a summer move. We moved all the BU Resident Assistants, RAs, out of their Boston apartments to their newly assigned apartments for the following semester.

This is not the first time we have moved Boston University students.  Olympia has performed many commercial projects for the university, assisted individual BU students with campus moves, and Olympia moves Special Olympics MA athletes in and out of the BU dorms for summer games.  Clearly, Olympia Office Movers is very familiar with moving Boston area universities and college in the area!

For more information about college moving services contact an Olympia Moving representative.  We work with everyone, from the biggest universities to the smallest offices!  Request an estimate for your move today!


Non-Profit Office Move in Washington, DC

CBC MoveOlympia Office Moves provided their local office moving services to the Christian Brothers Conference in Washington DC. This nonprofit organization provides programming and support for Lasallian mission and educators. To best accommodate our client and ensure the move was done efficiently and effectively we implemented a “shuttle” style move. A “shuttle” move consisted of 14 crew members and 3 trucks between each location. The trucks were going back and forth between the two locations loading and unloading furniture, filing cabinets, and electronics.

Having the right equipmentCBC Move 2 and resources are essential for a successful commercial relocation. Our company prides ourselves on the training and resources available to complete a wide range of services for our clients. For the Christian Brothers Conference we packed up all the office furniture and filing cabinets as well as disconnected and reconnected all the technical equipment.

Our last step during a move is to follow up. We want to ensure that all the moves go smoothly before, during and after. The day after the move, 2 crews revisited the location to ensure that the client was settled in without any loose ends. We helped with re-arranging furniture to preferred positions, checking the quality of the move, and removing any final debris that was still at the move site.

If you need any help with a Washington D.C. office move, get started today by filling out an online request for a free, no obligation moving estimate.

Law Office Movers in Boston MA

unnamedLast week our Commercial Moving Division completed a move for a law office in the North End.  Olympia helped the law office move to a new location in the Financial District and dispose old office furniture in their Boston MA law firm!

It may not have been a big office move,  but nonetheless, we put our best efforts forward to assure a smooth, and stress-free transition for the law firm.  Ten movers relocated the office and employees to their new location in January. A few weeks later; we had three movers and a truck return to remove old and unwanted office furniture and cubicles from the old location.

The three man moving crew broke down old cubicles and loaded them onto the truck along with the rest of the furniture and debris that needed to be disposed.  The crew then transported the old cubicles and furniture to the salvage yard for disposal, leaving the old office clean and cleared for the new tenant!

Here at Olympia Moving & Storage, we provide moving services for both commercial and residential clients; no matter how big or small the move may be, it is always our goal to go above and beyond for our client, providing them with a stress-free moving experience!

For more information regarding our commercial moving services, feel free to fill out a free request form, or give our office a call at 617.926.5555.